Monday, August 27, 2012

ways to reduce Electricity Bills

If you are fed up paying huge amounts as electricity bills, we have got some thoughtful solutions for you. No doubt we do follow certain rules to save power, yet we feel that these are of no use. The reason being that, either we are not strict enough or we don’t follow wise tricks.

Listed below are some tricks to cut down electricity bills efficiently:
1) Unplug your chargers and other appliances when not in use. It is common to see that mobile chargers hung on walls even after the mobile has been plugged off.

2) Clean your refrigerator from back side as setting of dust increases work of the compressor.

3) Adjust the temperature of  air-condition and heater only as required. Even one degree difference can cost you a lot more.

4) Try to use heating devices like ovens after the evening time in summers as far as possible.
Unwanted use of driers must be halted. Allow utensils to air dry.

5) Incandescent light bulbs must be replaced with energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. While initially they will cost more but definitely they will last longer and consume far less(almost 75% less).

6) Seal up the house so that no air or energy flow occurs through the cracks and holes in the walls, doors and windows. Studies show that doing so can save upto 25 percent of power.

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