Sunday, August 26, 2012

Live easy steps in Diabetes

Diabetes  is one of the dangerous diseases which is eating mankind from within.
Effect: High blood Sugar
Cause:  1. Body doesn’t produce sufficient Insulin.
                2.Cells don’t  respond to the insulin that is produced.

Care: Here are some ways to ease your life if you are diagnosed Diabetic.

  1. Eat healthy and do regular exercises.
  2. Lose weight and your sugar level comes down.
  3. Sleep more and relax your body whenever you get time.
  4. Have home blood sugar tests daily.
  5. Diabetes is no more a serious disease if mental stress is cut down.
  6. Try to be more Hygienic as infections are more prone to such patients.
  7. Medication like Yoga is the best way to improve from Diabetes naturally.
  8. Use sugar free tablets for sweetening drinks.
Happy Living !!

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