Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stop unwanted Calls and Sms

Cell phones are a good human companions as apart from just communications, they also keep us organized and entertained. But nowadays spam and unwanted Calls and SMS’s are turning out to be a big frustration. So here we have a few ways to cut down such unwanted stuff.

  • Do not respond to any unwanted Call or SMS. Doing so will increase their frequency ,thus adding in more frustration.
  • Sign up for "Do Not Call Registry". You can follow this link to register the same.
  • Before signing up for any website be sure to verify whether it is a trusted one. Do not proceed if u see even a minor detail going out of track.
  • Also go through the privacy policy of any business if you are to provide your cell phone number or email-id.
  • Search for additional check boxes which are checked in advance asking permission for further marketing contacts.
  • Give your number only to individuals you trust. Keep it private as far as you can. Instruct your family and friends for the same.

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