Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Control Your Anger

Anger is a strong emotion which arises from a strong dislike of a thing or situation. But just like other emotions it normal. This feeling is even expressed by most living creatures. However in humans it has much more significance.

 Instant body effects : Some of the vigorous effects of anger include increased heart beat and blood-pressure , redness of face and eyes ,sweating , shaking of limbs . Other effects include inner movement of eye-brows , wrinkles on forehead , pressure at neck and folding of palms and fingers.

Is it harmful ??
Well !! we definitely are aware that anger can have long lasting effects on relationships . But what about its effect on  health ?
If anger is suppressed within, it can definitely lead to frustration and stress in head which may result in headaches and redness of eyes. Prolonged frustrations and stress ultimately turn into high blood-pressures and psychological imbalance. This again worsens the condition as high blood pressures are harmful for most vital organs such as heart.
Therefore either anger should be expressed out in some positive ways or must be eradicated. There are a plenty of techniques on this. Initially it may seem difficult to work on these but that’s normal as habits cannot be changed at once. And practice will make you perfect !

Ways to control anger :
Press your pressure points:  Stress developed due anger is concentrated at some points on our face. These are known  as pressure points . Gently press the points which are at the sides of your skull ,which is in the mid of the horizontal distance  from your eyebrows towards the top of your ears. Another pair is at the lower side of the cheeks. Touch the above pair with your middle fingers and lower one with your thumbs simultaneously.
Observe your body changes : during anger development  try to restrict the body changes such as closing of your palms and fingers and inward movement of eye-brows. This will not only restrict anger from developing, but will also divert your mind.
Start reverse counting : Start counting in reverse. If you find no change start again and so till you succeed.
Take deep breaths : Taking in more air in lungs means lowering your blood pressure and temperature. Quite helpful and you will definitely notice its change.
Have a walk : If you are sitting just stand up and walk away from the place of anger . Likewise if you are at office go to the washroom , stand near the window and look outside.
Use your senses :  Look at some funny pictures around or listen to some soft and light music will help.
Share it : If you have a close friend or a loved one, just share the incident with him/her. This will make you feel light and may help you up with some solution or suggestion. If you are a male, approach a female friend and vice-versa.

Remember life is just once,,, Live it ,Love it ,Enjoy it !!

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